Extending Dynamic features of the SSCLI

This project has been funded by Microsoft Research as one of the 16 recipients of the Phoenix and SSCLI Request for Proposals (RFP) awards. The objective of the Phoenix and SSCLI RFP is to encourage first-rate cross-cutting and cross-fertilizing research that examines and reconsiders the relationships between development tools, compilers, managed runtime environments, runtime code generation, and underlying operating systems.

The formal title of the project is Extending Dynamic Features of the SSCLI. Its topic is based on the need to dynamically modify running applications in systems that must be adapted to changes in their environment without being halted, modified, recompiled and restarted. Examples are long-running systems or monitoring and debugging components. AOP is based on program transformation and in DAOP this transformation takes place at runtime. The capabilities needed to create DAOP applications are offered by dynamic languages by means of structural reflection, dynamic code generation and dynamic typing features.

We have also received funds from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF); and the Principality of Asturias, through its Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (grant GRUPIN14-100).